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  • Frequently asked questions

  • What type of flights do you offer?

    We offer several kinds of private flights such as air taxi, charter flights and executive flights, all domestic and international apart from medical flights.
  • What is the difference between a private flight and a scheduled airline flight?

    A private flight involves the rental of an aircraft and its crew. You choose the airport and the departure time as well as destination and possible stopovers. Besides you enjoy the privacy of an executive service and personalized attention.
  • Does the cost of flight depend on the number of passengers traveling?

    The cost of the flight does not vary with the number of passengers traveling as it is calculated based on the miles flown and includes the rental of the aircraft and all its seats.
  • Is your company authorized to provide air transport services?

    Tenil Aviation, whose legal name is TENIL S.A., is a charter flight company certified by the National Administration for Civil Aviation (ANAC) and holds the operator certificate (CESA) No. ANAC-247.
  • Who owns the aircraft that you offer?

    All aircraft that we offer, operate and publish on our website belong exclusively to TENIL S.A.
  • What type of runways do you operate from?

    We operate in all types of registered asphalt runways. In case of private runways, they must be in good condition and the operation is subject to the approval of our operations manager.
  • Can I visit your facilities and get to see the aircraft before making a reservation?

    Yes, you can visit our facilities and see the aircraft at any time prior coordination with our staff.
  • Where is the company located?

    Our hangar and offices are located in San Fernando International Airport. The address is Route 202 and Balcarce street, province of Buenos Aires (see directions).
  • How far in advance should I book a flight?

    Flights can be booked at any time with a minimum of 4 hours of anticipation. However, we recommend to book as soon as practical to ensure availability of the aircraft.
  • How do I book a flight?

    You can book a flight by e-mail to info@tenilaviacion.com.ar or by phone at (+54 11) 4005 7765 / 7768 or (+54 911) 6671 0901.
  • What are the means of payment?

    Flights can be paid by check, deposit or bank transfer. In any case, keep in mind that the payment must be credited to our account before the flight.
  • Do I get an invoice for the flight?

    All customers get an invoice for their flights.
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