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  • Terms and conditions

  • 1. General

    TENIL S.A. (hereinafter Tenil Aviation) is an argentine corporation with headquarters in 26 Maipú street, 7th floor, apartment C, Buenos Aires city (PC 1084), and registered in the General Justice Inspections of Buenos Aires City under the number CUIT 30-69076639-2.
  • 2. Transport certificate

    Tenil Aviation is allowed to provide air transport services and holds the Operator Certificate (CESA) No. ANAC-247 granted by the National Administration of Civil Aviation (ANAC) as specified in Regulations Argentine Civil Aviation (RAAC) Part 119.
  • 3. Operations

    Operations conducted by Tenil Aviation are made in compliance with the regulations RAAC 135 applying to non-scheduled air transport services, domestic and international.
  • 4. Aircraft

    All aircraft operated by Tenil Aviation are the property of the company and are duly registered in the category of air transport.
  • 5. Flight crews

    The crews working for Tenil Aviation have followed theoretical and practical courses and hold specific type ratings for aircraft operated by the company. They are also trained in safety, human factors, dangerous goods and unlawful interference.
  • 6. Availability check

    Any information provided about the availability of our aircraft is indicative. The availability of an aircraft is only guaranteed when a reservation is made.
  • 7. Reservations

    Flights may be booked upon payment of a deposit equivalent to 30% of the total service. The remaining balance of 70% of the total service must be credited with at least 20 days before the date of flight. Any reservation made within 20 days prior to the date of flight must be fully paid before a flight.
  • 8. Means of payment

    Payments can be made by check, deposit or bank transfer. In awareness of the delay that may involve such transactions, payments won't be recognized until the funds are credited to our bank account.
  • 9. Delays, reschedules and flight durations

    Flights may suffer delays or reschedules and flight durations may vary due to weather, air traffic control or force majeur reasons. We commit to rapidly reorganizing the service in question. The customer will not hold Tenil Aviation responsible for changes of itineraries or delays based on any of the aforementioned reasons.
  • 10. Travel documents

    Each passenger is solely responsible for its travel documents and must verify with the consulates and embassies the administrative procedures as well as immigration, health and customs requirements in the countries of departure, transit or destination.

    In addition, each passenger must bear the consequences of the non observance of such procedures and the costs of penalties or fines that may apply, not having the right to claim or hold any responsibility to Tenil Aviation.
  • 11. Cancellations

    In case of cancellation by the customer, the following penalties apply: more than 15 days before the date of flight, 30% of the total service. Between 15 and 6 days before the date of flight, 50% of the total service. Between 5 and 2 days before the date of flight, 75% of the total service. Less than 2 days before the date of flight, 100% of the total service.

    In case of cancellation by Tenil Aviation, the company commits to reimburse the full amounts paid out by the customer at the moment of the reservation.
  • 12. Applicable law

    The general conditions are submitted to the application of Argentine law. Any dispute relative to its interpretation and/or its execution will be processed under the argentine justice, in the courts of the Buenos Aires city, regardless of the presence of several defendants or other parties summoned as guarantors.
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